The Parascope Bundle  comes with a total of TEN pieces to create the  cosmetic needs of your build. There are SEVEN pieces of white resin  that include the MAIN HOUSING  (x1), RISER CAP (x1) , SUPPORT SHAFTS (x2), OVAL/CONE BASES (x3) and THREE CLEAR LENSES that are vacuum degassed and cast  in a optical quality casting resin under 60PSI making them 100% bubble free. 


The Parascope has a lot of pieces that are all pressure cast. The lenses themselves take 7 days to fully produce before they can be shipped. it can take a considerable amount of time to put one of these bundles together. In saying this they will be done a little differently than the other pieces available here. I will be producing these in "RUNS" or "WAVES" of generally 10-15 bundles each time. They are very hard on the molds to produce and new molds will be created for each "WAVE"  as needed. However, there could be a good chance that I may have some in stock. The best way to see where I am at in the production of these is to contact me at . I can let you know if I have any available at that time or when I plan to have the next wave available. Please be sure to send your full shipping address and WHAT STYLE LENS YOU WOULD LIKE (CHOICE OF REGULAR OR SMOOTH) -*See image to the right.  When checking for availability so that I can send you an accurate quote.


The cost for each bundle is $75USD before shipping and breaks down as follows:

MAIN HOUSING $25USD, Riser Cap $15USD ,Oval/Cone Bases $10USD, Support Shafts $10USD, Clear Lenses $15USD. *Mold material costs are factored into pricing as usual.

Unless shipping with additional parts these will ship in a 7x7 USPS Priority Mail box and will be determined by location. In most cases shipping will be $10USD or less in the USA.

*International rates will be determined by each package weight to desired world location.

As stated above, these are cosmetic pieces only and has not been designed for any specific lifting mechanism that may or may not be in use. It will be up to each builder on how to accomplish the lifting out of the dome and or mechanizing the unit according to your own respective build.


Please note that you should be able to light these but no electronics are included in this bundle.  That will be up to each builder on how best to achieve lighting. I do not include the little wire that goes between the two cone shaped pieces or the tiny rectangular lens under the large square lens. These are lit up RED in color and can be cut from a acrylic sheet with a colored gel behind it or some other form of red plastic. *please note that a colored LED would bleed into other areas that are lit WHITE without a "light-isolating" housing inside the MAIN housing and therefore depending on what lighting kits are available, I have decided that this would be better suited for each member to achieve their own solution for this lens depending on what method they chose. There are also #15 O-Rings (1/2" OD - 3/8th ID x 1/16th) commonly found at most hardware stores or online that are stacked on one of the support shafts that you will need to source.

Additional information as far as working with the Parascope will be included with shipment giving details and construction tips and other information. Feel free to contact me anytime at and I will get back to you promptly. You may also follow my Group page on Facebook as I will announce when "WAVES" will become available.

*Parascope bundle comes with Seven pieces cast in strong white resin and Three clear optical quality lenses.


*Clear lenses are completely bubble free and cast in a very strong optical quality casting resin. The top image shows two styles available for the front square lens. "REGULAR" style on the LEFT and "SMOOTH" on the RIGHT. Image below shows lighting capabilities.