October 2018 Update-Resinparts.com has come to Facebook.

March 2019 Update-The Parascope is back!!

The PSI Flasher Housing has a new look and better functionality.  Areas for mounting the backing plate have been incorporated, simply drill a small hole and use machine screws or cap head screws to hold it in place!

The same basic features and assembly have not changed, only the design.  It has a slightly lower profile that only increases the brightness of your LED's ! Comes with TWO units per set.


Here you will find the latest news and happenings from Resinparts. A bulletin board for NEW PARTS, SPECIALTY ITEMS, UPDATES, and SCRATCH & DENT PIECES.

I welcome you to follow this link to Facebook and join the discussion. Feel free to post pictures of your work, ask any questions you may have, and stay on top of the most effective way to get in touch with myself and other like minded individuals!

December 2018 Update-The PSI Flasher Housing  has a new design!

The Parascope is back after a long wait! These are better than ever after remolding the pieces in a way that offer a stronger and more efficient set of parts. These now come with the front and side lenses that have been cast in a durable optical quality resin and are guaranteed bubble free.  The new design has been painstakingly created with many references of the original film prop and with aluminum pieces from the previous kit offered before. click on the photo for more information! - The Parascope will not be offered all the time as it takes many days to produce but will be offered in runs or "waves" from time to time.

Hello all!

Not long ago I tried to use the Resinparts Club site on Yahoo Groups via my mobile device. I found it very hard to use, in fact half the time it would not load. It is an outdated platform, clumbsy and not mobile friendly. Some builders have had trouble reaching me at all on the internet. In saying this I felt it was time to switch to a more user friendly platform where daily social interaction is easier than ever before. Members can post pictures, ask questions and even check order status with me at any given time. This will allow me to be closer than ever before to members that once used the Resinparts Club in place at Yahoo Groups. I welcome you to take a look by following the link above and get involved.