Taking interest in a run of periscope pieces. It has been a very long time since I made these available to the club and with the tools I now have, I could make them better than ever before. IF you would be interested in a periscope being offered, contact me at with "Pariscope" in the subject line and I will consider making new molds of these for a limited time.

Welcome to the all new WWW.RESINPARTS.COM!

After years with the old and outdated website, I finally bring to you an all new! The old site was unreachable, derelict, and severely in need of a facelift. I now have complete control over this new site and you will find that it will be much easier to navigate and get the information you need. I have demystified what I do a little bit and still as always, provide you important information in regards to using the parts I offer. I certainly hope you enjoy the new layout and your time here. The update was seriously in need as builders were confused and thought that I had dropped off the map.  I am alive and well and casting all the time so feel free to contact me any time.



The design shown here is a mock up of a T-Shirt that I thought might be fun to offer. These are NOT in production at this time and I am not even sure it would be worth it to even make them. IF HOWEVER you think it is something you would wear, I would consider making them. Feel free to write me at with "RESINSHIRT" in the subject line expressing interest and I may consider it in the future.


Here you will find the latest news and happenings from Resinparts. A bulletin board for NEW PARTS, SPECIALTY ITEMS, UPDATES, and SCRATCH & DENT PIECES.