What are my payment options?

I only accept PAYPAL for all payments. If you do not have a PAYPAL account you will need to get one.

How long have you been casting?

I began casting parts for the R2Builders Club in 2004. I am the longest running official supplier of cast resin pieces in club history. I have made countless pieces and have supplied parts to many builders all over the world. It has been a pleasure to have the support and acclaim that I have received over the years.

Do you make any parts that are not listed?

All available parts will be on the main page of this website. I only do small to medium sized detail parts. Some parts are simply not practical for me to cast on a regular basis. I may need to cast something that is not listed for a project or as a special request. These items will be made available on my RESINPARTSCLUB as long as the molds will produce quality pulls.

What is the normal turn-around time for orders?

Depending on the size of the order, how many orders I currently have ahead of you, and what may be on my table at the time will greatly effect how fast I can fill an order for you. Normally I can get them out pretty fast, sometimes next day if they are small to medium sized, Sometimes up to a week or more if I have several large orders to fill. I usually try to give an ETA on when your package will be ready to ship. I try to keep my workload of paid orders down to just a few at a time. This way I do not get too far ahead of myself and you are not kept waiting long. Please keep in mind that I am just one person and I do have family obligations that sometimes slow me down but for the most part, I try to live up to my reputation for a speedy turn-around time. Occasionally, I may be waiting for materials from my supplier, or a mold may be down and is being remade. These things happen from time to time and may delay shipping for a few days. 

Why are parts "made to order" and what does that mean?

I am just one person, RESINPARTS is NOT a business and I do not stock a warehouse full of parts. I am constantly making parts "to order" or "when they are needed" to fill an order. Stock piles of parts is something that usually does not exist simply because I am processing orders all the time. in some cases, items like dome bumps or front logic displays are instantly available but for the most part, I will need to make the pieces you want when they are ordered.

I just received my parts, what's next?

Please follow the WORKING WITH RESIN link on the main page of this website for more information on how to clean and work with your parts. Resin castings are an amazing material to work with and use in building your projects. They are strong, easily paintable, and will withstand a lot of abuse.

What are my shipping options?

I ship using USPS Priority Mail for all orders in and outside of the United States. Most orders will ship using a Priority Mail Flat Rate box. Size of the order will determine what box is used. All current and up to date price information can be found on the USPS website. *See the HOW TO ORDER section of this website for more information.


These are some of the most frequently asked questions that I receive. Please check to see if your questions can be answered here before attempting to write. If you cannot find an answer  here, feel free to email me at resinparts@yahoo.com.

Do you make CSR parts?

No.  At this time, all parts are made from CSL aluminum masters.

What is Vacuum De-gassing and Pressure Casting?

A vacuum chamber is required to remove trapped air bubbles from uncured silicon before pouring molds. This allows for a longer life of the mold by increasing its density and improves the surface finish of the castings by eliminating weak spots caused by trapped air along areas where sharp points or corners exist.  Pressure casting is done inside of a pressure pot. The benefits of resins that cure under pressure are a total to near total elimination of bubbles in the casting. This also helps to create an improved finish in parts that are cast inside enclosed and two part molds.

Can I get a discount if I order a lot of parts?

No, Resinparts is not a business.

I am only one person and the demand for my castings are very high. I only produce parts for fellow members of the R2Builders exclusively. In saying this, the costs of the parts I make are reflected in rather the materials I use and the time it takes to produce them as a commissioned job rather than an actual product that lines the shelves of a business warehouse.

Where are you located?

All parts ship from central United States.


I once tried to make SHOULDER HORSESHOES and found that they shrink in LENGTH about 1/4 of an inch when cast. this is due to mold shrinkage and high heat of the resin as it cures. In saying this, the outcome is less than desirable in my opinion and suggest using styrene or MDF produced pieces. I will not offer parts that may not work with others such as legs from another supplier. SIDE VENTS and POCKET vents have an outer lip the thickness of the skin which are very thin and extremely brittle, until another solution comes along I will not offer such brittle pieces. This goes along with the MAIN VENT INTERNALS. I do offer the main surrounds but the inner louvers are simply way to thin to be offered in resin as they can very easily be broken with minimal effort. There are plans of the internals available through the R2BUILDERSCLUB and I have always cut the internals from Sintra or Styrene which are much more forgiving to abuse.